Managing Your Reading

“Read to Succeed” is a requirement in a home study course. However, understanding what you read is the key to effective learning. Ever wondered how efficiently you read? Below are five techniques to make you a more skilful and successful reader.

  1. Skim – Skimming through a Reading Assignment is quite helpful as a first step. For one, you can easily acquaint yourself with the main ideas presented. Stay on the author’s train of thought as much as possible. Do not read lengthy examples for the meantime and stick to reading only a sentence or two in every paragraph. Once you’re done skimming, you can go to the start of the Reading Assignment and carefully read it this time.
  2. Set a pace – To focus your attention or establish your reading pace, use an index card or your finger tip. Find out if that pace works after several pages. Write down phrases to outline the key points of what you have just read. Compare this with your Reading Assignment. If most of the main points were in your outline, it means your pace is just right.
  3. Concentrate on key words – There are words that are key to comprehending the concepts in your reading materials. As these words are identified, read again the sentences where they can be found. Note that you will use these key words throughout your career.
  4. Highlight as you go through the assignment again – In your second reading, use a coloured pen or a highlighter to mark the most significant concepts in the text. This will enable you to focus on these important concepts and to make your review easier.
  5. Tell yourself that you are capable of reading better – Your reading skills will definitely improve with practice. Remember that your reading skills will help you succeed in your home study course and in your entire career.

 Let these activities guide you to become more skilful and successful reader!

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