Managing Stress

Stress plays a big role in our lives. But a little stress can be good as it can keep you on your toes whereas too much stress can be harmful as it can affect the health badly and lead to complications.

Stress signifies that changes that the body go through. It is the manifestation of the physical and emotional response of the body to different trigger points. So how we handle stress can make us weaker or stronger. But the good news is, we can change how stress can affect us by simply changing how to react to stressful circumstances.

There are many ways to control stress, we suggest the following:

  1. Take a deep breath. Whenever you’re caught in a tense situation, breathe deeply, through your diaphragm and not just through your chest.
  2. Relax. Do some stretching to release tension in your muscles. Check your posture as well as you stretch your arms, neck, shoulders and legs.
  3. Eat healthy foods. There are foods that make you feel better. Go for high fiber and leaner choices. Minimise consumption of processed food, red meat, salt, sugar and fried food.
  4. Learn to accept change. It is the only thing constant in life so instead of resisting change, embrace it so you can adapt faster and better. Accepting that the circumstances around your job, relationships and other aspects of your life can make you cope better with change.
  5. Don’t forget your sense of humour. Laughter is indeed the best medicine so find ways to see the positive side of even the most awful situation. See the humour of it and laugh if you must, to release tension.

What is life without the challenges, stress and difficulties? These factors when taken the right way can be converted to positive changes in our life. Balance is an important thing to maintain. Lead a lifestyle that gives ample time to yourself, your family, your relationships, your leisure time and your environment. All of these contribute to your happiness and misery and it is up to you to balance things out for the best outcome. Handle stress. Don’t let it take the best of you. Remember, you have the power to change things for the better.

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